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Do You Need a Website?

Learn Why You Need a Website!

"Do I need a website?" is one of the most common questions I get from small business owners and startups. The answer to this question will vary depending on your needs, but the answer is also quite simple. Here are some general guidelines that can help you decide if a website is necessary for your company or not.

There are many benefits to having a website for your business: it's easier than ever before to set up a simple site without any coding knowledge, websites give businesses an opportunity to reach customers all over the world with just one page and they're relatively inexpensive when compared with other marketing methods (like print ads). However, there are also drawbacks: building and maintaining a site requires time and resources, and designing sites takes lots of experience (or at least money). You will also have to update content, SEO, images, and even create blog posts constantly.

With all that being said, the pros outweigh the cons in almost every scenario. But I believe that you are asking the wrong question. The question is not “Do I need a website?”, it should be “Where is my target audience? Where do they hang out?” If your potential customers spending a lot of time on social media, then you should have a social media presence that links to a website. The answer is that simple.

You can also look at your competition. If you’re a new clothing brand and you create products similar to another big name company, then create a website in the same style. In this post, I will outline the reasons websites will help your business grow and drive traffic.

I am sure all of you have heard the phrase “It takes money to make money”. Unfortunately, that is very true in the world of business. If you want to build your portfolio in the stock market, then you need to have money for the initial investment. Even if it is just a little in the beginning. The same goes for websites and businesses. They go hand in hand when it comes to growing and reaching your business or financial goals.

When is a Website Not Necessary?:

When creating a business, the idea of creating a website can be very intimidating or stressful. Especially if you are on a tight budget and can not afford to spend money on hiring an agency to create a professional website for you. The good news is that some businesses may not need a site to be successful.

If you are just a local shop in a small town in the country, then a website may be a waste of money. However, if you’re a local shop in a big city or suburbs, then a site will be great for driving traffic. Having a legitimate website and address will allow you to add your business in Google Maps. You’d be surprised just how much traffic you can get from that alone. Someone could be eating at a local restaurant, then look on maps for fun things to do or shops in the area.

When a Website is Necessary:

I have already mentioned one reason why a website may be beneficial for your business in your area, but what if you want to sell more products, offer services, create content, educate people, etc. The list of why having a website will go on and on forever, but it really just boils down to you having to think about what you offer, where you are currently at in your business, and goals that you want to achieve. If your current position does not get you closer to your goals, then you need a website.

For example, let’s say you have a lawn care business that helps people in your local neighborhood but you want to expand or get more clients. Create a one page website, state what services you offer, a little information about you, and put a contact form at the bottom. Then you can create business cards with a link to your website, and just leave them on your neighbors doors. Then your website will basically do all the work for you in getting more clients. Or better yet, give your current clients some of your business cards and offer them a discount on something you offer if they refer you to someone.

To give you another example, maybe you have a local store but you want to move more products. Create an E-Commerce website so users can purchase the products online. With today's web builders, it has never been easier to create an online store. You can spend 1 day building your website, then another day adding your products to it. If you have social media (which you should), then start promoting your products there.

Now I do want to note that a website is primarily just a great marketing tool. This is like the headquarters for your brand and services. If you truly want to grow and succeed in your business ventures, then a combination of multiple marketing tactics should be used. Create social media pages, post frequently, and drive the traffic to your site. Don’t be afraid to spend a little money on ads either. If you know your target audience well enough, then creating very targeted ads will help drive traffic to your site.

At the end of the day, having a website is your call. But keep in mind that it is just a tool for your users to learn about your brand, products, services, etc. If they like what they see, then they may buy something or become a client. You will have people come to your website that may not have ever known your business existed and that is the whole point. I know this post was a little all over the place, but the main takeaway for whether you need a website is “Where are your target audience?” and what are your goals?

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